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might be fixed. let's get to the numbers. a lot of clouds and cold conditions across the area setting the stage for what will be a minor winter event around here. the cold and clouds are here to stay for the day. there's your coastal developing east of washington. the heavy rain up into portions of new jersey and new york. right where they don't want it. we're on the western edge of this one. the winds are going to pick up out of the north. and we've got a chance for a little rain mixing with or changing to snow later this afternoon and tonight. current temperature regan national, it's cold. 39 at regan national. 37 dulles. you are looking at the high temperatures today with the wind and the clouds. we're just not going to warmup a whole lot. any rain that starts could transition over to a brief period of snow later this afternoon. no advisories here in washington. up towards baltimore, a winter weather advisory there.
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we could see maybe an inch, maybe two inches of snow as you get up into northern delaware there. again, the worst of this will be north and east. high temperature, 42. we did that at midnight. cloudy and cold. not expecting any accumulations around here. some parts of the area could get covering here. that's a quick look at the weather. tony, allison, back to you up stairs. >> well, there it is. those are the numbers right there. president obama winning the presidential election and therefore a second term in office. president obama defeats mitt romney by more than 2 million votes capturing the vote of half the country. far exceeding the required 270 electoral votes earning 306. obama took to the stage and talked to not excited crowd
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around 1:00 a.m. >> many people in our area celebrating the president's victory. that was the scene outside the white house late last night. people cheering four more years and waving the flag. it was a cause for celebration for many. melanie is live with a recap of the president's victory. >> good morning. it may have come down to a gut feeling in the voting booth. most voters really felt that president obama was more in touch with people like themselves and that's where the tossup states the president was able to hang on to most of them. that includes virginia. it was a nail biter of the night but 51% of voters chose obama over 48% for romney. results there came in later than expected because some people were still in line to vote. the win for president obama in maryland as well which was expected. 61% observe to 37%
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romney. and no surprise president obama won the district as well by a landslide. 91% to obama, 7% romney. the democratic presidential candidate has claimed victory in dc. certainly the votes were closer across the country and president obama does go back to the white house. he talked about the road ahead last night. >> in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. reducing our deficit, reforming our tax codes, fixing our immigration system. freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we have more work to do. >> the president also thanking vice president. and mitt romney's career should be honored and applauded.
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late last night speaker of the house john boehner said the election results by both parties. >> thank you very much. >> meantime, historic night in maryland. voters weighed in on a number of key ballot questions. >> three of the most controversial passed. and live where there were celebrations about the expansion of gambling in the state. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. it is quiet here now this morning. but that was not the case ast night. the numbers that sparked the celebration, 52/48. 52% of marylanders voted for the expansion of gaming. 48% voted against. it was a very close passing of question 7. but a win is a win and no matter the margin, it's going to go ahead and go forward which is why national harbor celebrated by setting off fire works over the harbor.
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this is where the new casino will be built. expands game tables to all maryland casinos. those against question 7 were concerned about the morality of gambling and the possible element gaming could attract. and the money would actually go toward education. in the end it was indeed about the money and what it would mean for the state and prince georges county. >> the money is going toward education. going to fix 210. it's going for healthcare. and jobs and job s and jobs. so thank you for this great victory for a life and somebody who appreciates good common sense which once again has been displayed by our citizens who say what kind of sense does it make for me to send my money
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somewhere else? >> question 6 also passed by a 52/48% margin. legalizes same sex marriage. question 4 the dream act passed 59 to 41%. it will allow certain illegal immigrants the ability to pay instate tuition to maryland colleges and universities. governor supported both of those. he campaigned heavily for them. clearly, he was happy with the outcome. >> i think it's a really important statement. the people of our state understand that our diversity is our strength. that we're all in this together and every child's home should be protected equally under the law. what the people of maryland said tonight even against the backdrop of a lot of immigrant bashing is look if a child's only home is our state where her parents pay taxes, they should be able to go to a college if
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they get into it. pay in state tuition. >> question 4 and 6 will affect things here in the state of maryland. but many are saying the nation was watching to see how those issues played out here. and there could be a ripple effect to how tings played out and because the governor was so involved in those issues that he too could catapult to the national political stage four years from now. >> thank you. >> well, it was a late night in richmond, virginia as tim kaine won the open senate seat there. >> being vacated by jim webb. he beat george allen taking 52% of the vote to allen's 48%. let's get the latest from john in richmond. >> reporter: some democratic leaders got nervous early tuesday night when for a while it appeared george al sxen mitt romney might carry the
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commonwealth. then returns from northern virginia poured in sealing two big democratic victories. >> when democrat tim kaine took the stage after 11:00 tuesday night to declare victory, he made a poignant comment. according for the center of responsive politics, a total of $82 million was poured into the race and $52 million of that sum was spent by outside groups. >> here's what it means. our victory tonight prove s that it's the number of people who stand with you. not the number of zeros behind a check that decide elections in the united states of america. >> his priori for the senate would be working with all sides to find solutions. >> working together. we will make fiscal ly responsibili choices to reduce our deficit while keeping the economy strong
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and not shredding our nation's safety net. >> it was quite unclear which of the presidential candidates would carry virginia. but vote totals from northern virginia started pouring in giving president obama the victory. the people present in the room started hearing of the second democratic victory through their smart phones and social media. it was a strange site. instead of group cheering, there were person-to-person hugging as word of the obama victory spread throughout the room. helps democrats retain control of the u.s. senate. but republican victories in the lion's share of the house races helps the gop keep control of the house. in other words, in washington, divided government continues. from richmond, fox 5 news.
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>> thank you, john. >> he has predicted every presidential race for nearly two decades. coming up after the break, allen joins us in studio to explain how president obama would remain in office. >> as we head to the break, results in the maryland senate races. will keep his seat with 54% of the vote. >> john delaney has unseated to represent. that's with 97% reporting. the other tight races around the area when we come back. time right now 9:10. 39 degrees. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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welcome back. election night 2012 did not turn out to be the dragged out nail biter many thought it would be. why did things shake out the way they did in the end?
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and how did this campaign go down in history? joining us now is dr. allen hightman. we thought you might be in here talking about what's next legally with the hanging chads if you will. not the case at all. >> i'm delighted not to be talking about legal rangles. last thing we need in a presidential election. with a victory, the sweeping of the legal challenges really don't matter. the election mandate results are clear at least in terms of the winner. >> they were talking about the vote would be split. that did not happen at all. so let's get to what did happen. you are known as the never wrong pundant and that record stands today. tell me how you knew. >> this is 8 in a row correct predictions since 1984 since i
9:15 am
was 9 for the keys to the white house. and the keys to the white house are different. they are not based on polls or the economy. the theory is presidential elections are votes. up or down on how well the party in power has governored not just the economy but on a broad range of factors. foreign policy successes and failures. >> you have 13 keys. >> 13 keys. >> the keys to the white house is a book almost like a road map if you will. >> it is a road map. >> we're seeing the 13 keys as you talk about them. tell us what they are and how obama faired at the end of this. >> they are true/false questions where an answer of true always favors the re-election of the party in power and focused on how well the party in power has governored and the strength of the party in power. foreign policy successes and failures.
9:16 am
policy change. social unrest. scandal. third party challenges. whether the party in power is running the sitting president. whether it's united. and i first called this election you are not going to believe this in an article i wrote in january 2010. 2.5 years ago cause i could already see on this broad performance based that the keys were lining up for obama. and i said at the time he would win 9 of the 13 keys. one key turned for him. so he wound up winning 10. you need 8 to predict his victory. >> how did governor romney do? >> the beauty of this it's simply asking will the party holding the white house be reelected? and the truth is based on my system there was nothing governor romney could have done to win this election. you can't fault his campaign. he did well
9:17 am
in the first debate. and they were like oh, my god a melt down by obama. he's going to lose. and i kept saying no that's not what turns elections. it's governing not campaigning. to govern as well as he possibly can over the next four years. that's the real message here. >> heard some of the pundant talking about that last push after super storm sandy when he appeared working together with a republican governor. and really at one point at the convention and so forth, how much did that sort of message, how did that resonate with voters or anything to do with his last minute push? >> since i predicted the election two and a half years before that. the beauty of the keys as they stay the same. through all the ups and downs. obama had some real low points
9:18 am
in this campaign. some pretty good high points. but you can say he ran a great campaign. he gave a mediocre convention speech. he had a historic melt down in the first debate losing it by the biggest margin of any candidate in history. and he was faulted by those same pundants for not being specific enough and clear enough. all of the receipt troe specktive pundans. so easy to explain once you know the answer. they can point to anything they want. it has no scientific validity whatsoever unless you have a system that can predict results in advance retrospective explanation. it's fun. it's great but zero scientific value. >> you have those 13 criteria. those 13 points. let me ask you this question. how did so many other people get it wrong? >> because they don't understand
9:19 am
how elections really work. i'm not criticizing you all in the media. you have to write a story everyday. but the view is elections are like horse races. which candidate spurred ahead and fall behind based on the day-to-day events. that's wrong. it's the big pick you're of governing that really counts. second, in terms of the academic modelers, their problem is most of them believe it's just the economy that matters. there are models of very heavily tilted to the economy. if you were to look at the economy alone, you could not predict an obama win. it would be very difficult. when you look at the bigger picture of what he's done in foreign policy, his avoiding scandal. the fact the country isn't falling apart. the fact that he has no third party opposition, early on, the obama victory became clear. my big message is two things. one, you've got to have some
9:20 am
scientific basis. if we were talking about rocket launching, we wouldn't let people come in and talk off the top of their heads without understanding how rockets work. secondly, you got to keep your eye on the big picture of governing. not on the day-to-day events of the campaign which is like tracing the tides of the ocean by looking at the foam on the waves. >> i'm exhausted. >> you got your lecture for the day. >> exactly. see why you're such a good professor. i appreciate you coming in today. hang around a bit. >> i'd love to hang around. and my former student tony perkins there. >> and the author of the keys to the white house. thank you so much. >> my pleasure.
9:21 am
>> he was one of my professors. what you are saying is interesting to me. seems to imply that despite the polls, it speaks to and correct me if i'm wrong, the thoughtfulness and intelligence of the american electorate. >> you couldn't be more right. >> i'm not saying that because they voted for barack obama. this works regardless based on different issues. >> this is a nonpartisan system. >> i lost all my friends when i predicted bush's re-election. we the american people, we're not manipulated by the call rose and gurus of this world. we're pragmatic and rational and only hire the same party. only if they've governed well enough. it doesn't matter what they say, they are not going to trick us
9:22 am
into giving him four more years. >> very interesting. good stuff. >> thank you , tony. >> end the show right there. >> thank you very much. >> all right. the road to the white house took quite a few turns around women. here we go. coming up , how they played a huge roll in who won. anita is back within sight at 9:30. first, what voters approved in the district. we'll be right back. 
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back now with the results of a heated ballot issue in montgomery county. question b. voters upheld a law ending the police union's right to bargain in certain management decisions. this will give the police chief more leeway on issues like scheduling overtime. >> the most watched race there. chairman of the d
9:26 am
c council. >> phil has been in that seat on an interim basis. last night he won the seat in a special election. vincent orange keeps his seat but michael brown loses his. >> dc voters had ballot amendments to decide on from ethic's scandals. all three passed by overwhelming majority. amendment 5 will allow the council to kick a member out if they have committed gross misconduct in office. >> amendment 6 will make it so a council member convicted of a felony will lose their seat and barred from holding that office again. amendment 7 does the same thing for the mayor's office disqualifying a sitting mayor if they are convicted of a felony. >> another cold day on tap and could bring in some snow. tucker is back with the forecast in just a moment. >> as we head to the break,
9:27 am
yes, yes and yes. maryland voters approve the dream act allowing illegal immigrants who meet requirements to pay in state tuition. >> a histic vote as maryland becomes one of the first state where same sex marriage was approved by the voter. >> and what happens in vegas soon won't have to stay in vegas. we'll be right back.
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that is a beautiful picture. beautiful picture on this wednesday morning as you are looking at the trees changing color in our area. are we at peak? >> i think we're post peak. >> i know i am personally. >> no you are not. >> thank you. thank you. >> what's wrong with the picture is leaves on the trees and talking about potential for winter weather. >> it happened last year. snow in late october
9:31 am
. >> it's not going to be a big deal but later this afternoon, a wintery mix and you want to draw a line, 95 east. >> can i tell you what i like about your presentation? >> i have something to say too. >> you don't over sell this stuff. you don't sensationalize. which is great. >> i want to say you look very presidential today. >> oh, thank you. one day. in like 40 or 50 years. maybe not. >> first 90-year-old president. >> way too much dirty laundry. go back to high school days. light snow pm possibly north and east. let me emphasize if i get it wrong, i won't be in tomorrow. you'll be doing the weather. here we go. temperatures right now in washington. kind of a tricky forecast. 39 in washington. 43. north and west, mid 30s. cold enough to support winter
9:32 am
weather. it will later today. 95 east is where the brunt of this is going to be. north and east into howard county towards baltimore. there's our storm system. notice first of all, most of the energy here is off to our east. and the worst of the storm system going to be into places that really don't need it. right up into the new jersey coastline. we're sort of on the back edge of this. and the thinking is later today that some of the back end of the storm system, some of the bands associated with the noreaster here will make it back towards the washington area. a risk of a little rain here into the late afternoon. all of us are going to see cloud cover and cold temperatures today. if you are west of 95 you are not going to see much of anything. maybe a few flurries later today. let me show you a few future cast. pretty good handle on it at some hour. here we are at 4:00.
9:33 am
notice the bands here are just pressing into areas here east of washington. we may or may not see much of anything. here we are at 7:00 indicating light rain shower. the whole thing picks up and pushes off to the north and east later tonight and may be enough to cover some of the grassy areas. that's going to be about it. farther north and east, the better chance of accumulating snow. there might be a slushy spot up there. otherwise, this won't be a terribly big event for us. although, a cold day. 42 daytime high. that's going to factor in and give us a windchill near 30. rain and snow likely late. light accumulations possible. up towards columbia. a better chance for a little accumulation. there's your 7 day forecast. breezy conditions behind the storm system tomorrow. it's going to field cold. winds gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour. a nice warmup into the weekend.
9:34 am
highs by monday and tuesday. should be pleasant around here as we turn the corner to next week. back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. a little while ago we talked about the big roll minorities played in this election but women helped open the doors to the president to serve a second term. joining us is anita mcbride at the center of the congressional and presidential studies. once again, you were on earlier. thank you for staying with us. >> thank you for having me again. >> i have to say i hate the generalizations about women as if all women think the same and vote the same because you don't. but for the sake of argument generally speaking how did women impact this election? >> they impacted in a big way. it's more than 50% of the population. so right there it will tell you that's an important demographic and the obama campaign was terrific from
9:35 am
the beginning to target women as a key demographic and key to their success to win the white house again. and coupled with then a slower start for the republican nominee because it was such a long and protracted primary. and also allowed the ground game to build so affectively for president obama. it was a successful recipe to attract women voters and focus on issues that really did start to define a different opponent in governor romney. >> the romney campaign and the super packs that were also playing into this, did something that i thought was interesting to try which was to run those ads where women are saying i'm concerned about these issues, abortion rights, birth control and all that kind of thing. it's really the economy.
9:36 am
seems that was not affective. >> i do think at the end of the day we all as americans care about the economy. we are focused on job security and not only for ourselves but also for our families. but really the roderick early on was to highlight the social issues were emotional and get to the core of what women can't ignore. i've worked for three pro-life presidents. not one of them has ever overturned rovy wade regardless if i'm pro-life or not. and i began to as a woman who does care really worried this was the front line center argument. >> you make a very interesting point. if the argument coming from the left is well if we elect this guy he's going to overturn it. in your view, no,
9:37 am
not necessarily. i'm speaking as a pro-life catholic. and i knew that was not going to be. and also the record of mitt romney as a governor as a moderate governor that really worked across the isle and really had an opportunity to exploit more of what he would be able to do as president but came late. >> for the republicans and again you served in three republican administrations. is it just a matter of not affectively getting that message out to women? or is it the content of that message sometimes that may turn some women off? >> i tell you and look at some of the candidates that ran for senate. male candidates and some of the comments they made that immediately the chairmanship for the rnc and governor romney as the presidential nominee disvowed immediately. the damage was done. it begins to really define does that define the
9:38 am
party? i don't believe that is the republican party. but you know what, it was again back to emotional. and then you have the money of organizations like planned parenthood who had effective ads. >> do republicans have a -- do we know already in the analysis you can see this narrative coming about that the republicans are going to address the myoyort question because of the change in demographics. is there a real gender gap? do they have a problem with women voters? >> well, i think we have to take a step back and see what went wrong and where was the time not spent? where were the resources not spent? maybe not as affective to go after these demographics. we know are growing numbers in our country. clearly there's a lot of work to do.
9:39 am
we're going to need leadership at all levels of the party. at the state and local level. and senator republicans to be elected last night. >> there are good examples in the party that can help us fill the space. >> all right. anita executive for presidentiay ies. thank you very much for coming. get some rest. >> appreciate it. >> thank you, tony. a possible battle between two states and a federal government. the measure that was passed ahead. plus, the late edward kennedy's senate seat returns to the democrats. hot races across the country when we come back. time right now 9:39.
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welcome back.
9:43 am
two senate candidates who made campaign headlines about rape, pregnancy and abortion will not be coming to washington. lost their election bids. akin had been favored to beat clair before he made statements about quote legitimate rape. in massachusetts, democrat elizabeth warren defeats scott brown. makes warren the first woman elected and returns that seat to the democrats which was held by the late edward kennedy. and just got a lot easier for people in two states to smoke marijuana. >> colorado and washington state approved recreational marijuana use for people over 21. voters in oregon shot down a similar measure. could be interesting to watch play out.
9:44 am
so far there has been no response to the measure. >> still raises question there which supercedes. okay. the economy and who you can relate to. melanie is back with a look at the issues that swayed a lot of the voters at the polls. >> with the election behind us. time to look forward to the inauguration. >> reporter: all right. we are looking forward at these newspapers right now down here at the museum. the president has been reelected. we're going to talk about that as well as what is going to happen with the inauguration when fox 5 morning news continues in just a moment. where others fail, droid powers through.
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with no annual contract or get this great price and $300 back with a two-year agreement. go to today. call the verizon center once you've got it, you get it. for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. i wish all of them well but particularly the president, the first lady and their daughters.
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>> this is a time in great challenges for america and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> governor romney looking forward as he congratulates president obama on his second term. president obama 50%. romney, 48% with 9 7% reporting. closer to home, the president with ahold in virginia less of a surprise in maryland where the president took a 24% lead. and here in the district another win for president obama. 91% to governor romney's 7%. president obama's win with a significant margin over his opponent may have shocked. >> how are the voters broken down? who voted for him and why. fox 5's melanie is here now with a
9:49 am
look at the key demographics. >> one thing i think we should all agree on is these sort of reading the tea leaves things like if the redskins lose that favors the challenge error no incumbent has ever won. those things are getting thrown out the window. the exit polls are giving us a better look at really what resonated with voters. and the economy was the number one issue with 60% of the voters and they were in wide agreement the economy is in poor shape. what we were told that's definitely going to favor romney right? okay so turns out that exit polls found voters were less likely to blame obama for the downey conme. that message didn't stick and more voters said they felt like president obama could better relate to them and that's sort of what analysts say helped push the president over the edge. >> very interesting. i know you want to add something. >> what do we know about the people who then did vote for the
9:50 am
president? >> we know that obama did hold on to his key constituencies and here's how it broke down. we know that he took women by more than 11 points. 90% of the black population voted for him. and 70% went for obama. voters younger than 45 favored obama as well as families within comes less than $50,000. mitt romney won among men, whites, seniors and those with family incomes of $50,000 or more. >> i wanted to ask you about i heard interesting comments on the radio this morning and read comments that were said yesterday. super storm sandy, the impact of that. again, talking about the exit polls where you get a more personal thing from the voters sometimes about what they are thinking about. i heard how the president handled that and the fact that he was working with chris christy and praising him
9:51 am
might have impacted this. >> obama was getting big wet kisses. i thought it was interesting as well. and polls did show it had an impact according to the ap, 64% said president obama's response was a factor in their vote. >> so of course the headlines across the u.s. is president obama's re-election. >> and there's a place where you can see those. first i want to thank melanie for talking about those. >> we have to go. but thank you so much. >> it's all very interesting. >> the story behind the story. >> very good. >> now, those newspapers across the nation pretty much have the president and his second term starting right now. >> that's your bighead line. a place where you can see many of those headlines right here in the nation's capitol. wisdom is live at the museum in the northwest.
9:52 am
>> reporter: i'm just taking a little walk taking it all in looking at all newspapers. all of them with the president and his re-election right on the front. he is now going to get his second term. all different papers from around the world. we've seen people taking pictures looking at the newspapers as well. we have 74 days until the 57th presidential inauguration. will take place downtown washington d.c. at the capitol overlooking the wall and the washington monument. want to show you video back in september. the first ceremony beginning of the preparations to get ready for this event. hammered the nails into a plank where the next president will take the oath of office on
9:53 am
monday in 2013. that ceremony will take place on january 21st. january 20th, the usual day is on a sunday. it's going to take place on january 21st. they also have first ever facebook page dedicated to this where you can go on facebook, log on and get a lot of information. all the information that's available through facebook about the inauguration. one more time this will take place on monday january 21st. the presidential inauguration. and we've seen some parts of the area already getting ready for this. pennsylvania avenue they come down pennsylvania avenue when they are bringing the parade in and all the things will come down pennsylvania avenue. this is still obviously up and running. the city must go on. so that's where things stand down here. all of the pictures of the president.
9:54 am
back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> if you like snow, then you may love tucker's forecast. some areas could see first snow fall of the season. find out where, when, how much all that. >> as long as it's drivable. we're okay with it . our election coverage continues right here on fox 5 morning news. more from president obama when we come back. time right now is 9:54. :54.@
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9:57 am
let's did a quick work at the forecast. let's go to hd radar. off to our east now and rain changing to the winter weather. some of that is going to pin wheel back towards the washington area this afternoon. if you can see me visually
9:58 am
showing the pin wheel affect. winter mix around here. rain changing to snow. north and east of washington up a little closer to where the storm is. and there is a winter weather advisory up towards baltimore. and there there might be an inch. maybe just a coating on the ground. i don't think the roadways won't be an issue. here's a look at your 7 day forecast. and later this afternoon, we are going to be cold. let me emphasize that. even though it's not doing anything outside, it's going to be cold. going to feel like 30 all day. better tomorrow and gradual warmup by the end of the weekend. going to feel it fall again with temperatures in the mid 60s. >> want to take a quick moment -- oh. >> the weather app. take a look at radar. check it out. it's free. fox 5 weather app. >> want to take a quick moment
9:59 am
to acknowledge our staff who has been working. you see us on tv. there are many more people. producers, writers, technical crew have been working hard. very hard work. the bookers. thank you for everything you've done. it's been stellar. >> and that's it then? >> yeah. >> okay. >> we thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. we'll leave you from comments from president obama from last night. >> have a good day. >> i believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as politics suggest. we're not as cynical as the pundans believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual visions and remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. and together with your help and god's grace, we will continue our

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